JBER is Hiring!

Moose Run Golf Course is Hiring

Summer 2024

Are you currently looking for a new job? Look no further! With a variety of positions and many benefits that we offer, working with us is always a blast!

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Why should I work at Moose Run Golf Course?

Nothing beats an amazing environment and great people who love what they do! Most of the team here are golfers, themselves, and will train you to play too!

What are some of the benefits offered?

As a staff member of the course, you will receive discounted golf and half price meals at the Grizzly Grill during your work day.

What different positions are available?

We offer summer, part-time and flex positions. We are hiring Plumbers, Equipment Technicians, Tractor Operating Leader, Maintenance Workers, Recreation Assistants, Cooks, Beverage Cart/Sales Clerks, and Cart Attendants.

What advice do you have for someone interested in applying ?

Stay engaged with Human Resources. The sooner you complete your paperwork, the sooner we can get you on board.