Hangar 5 provides a large indoor 24/7 fitness training environment to support large unit PT, fitness assessments, and functional fitness opportunities.

Effective Mon 24 May check-in procedure and capacity changes at JBER Fitness.
*   Fully vaccinated customers show their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card upon entry and do not have to wait in line
*   In order to continue protecting higher-risk customers, there will still be capacity limits for unvaccinated customers
  *   Unvaccinated customers must provide their DoD ID card upon entry for accounting purposes and retrieve it upon exiting the facility

*   If capacity limits are reached, unvaccinated customers will be directed to wait in line

*Vaccinated customers who do not have their vaccine cards may still enter but will follow the same process/capacities as unvaccinated customers.*

We appreciate your patience as we continue to find ways to serve you and expand our services!

With the updated policy in place the fitness centers have received questions regarding HIPAA and the security of their ID Card.
Please click below to find out how we are responding to these common concerns.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a broad regulation that protects a patient’s personal health information and only applies to how medical providers, hospitals, and health insurers share or release information. HIPAA doesn’t protect medical information that an individual shares about themselves or outside healthcare entities. If you are asked to provide your vaccination status, it is your choice to disclose if you have been vaccinated or not.

To decrease the risk to JBER’s mission, requirements differing for vaccinated and unvaccinated personnel have been released for the installation in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance. If you are entering an installation facility and are asked for your vaccination status, staff are requesting for mission reasons and your response helps JBER accomplish its mission.

 In accordance with AFI 36-3026, Identification and Common Access Cards are property of the United States Government.  If you are asked by facility personnel to temporarily and voluntarily provide your identification or common access card for the limited purposes of maintaining accountability of non-vaccinated individuals, this is not a confiscation of your card in accordance with AFI 36-3026.  At your request your card will be returned to you upon your departure from the facility.  Trusted facility personnel will vigilantly protect your card until you retrieve it.


During inclement weather, hand carry your workout shoes and change shoes before entering the track area. The track is closed to all users during official AF Fitness Assessments. No Pets Allowed and please throw all trash in the trash receptacles. Our Facility is Monitored by Closed Circuit Camera.



Administers all Air Force Fitness Assessments on JBER. Sign-up through your UFPM, the FAC cannot sign-up individual members. Testing availability is 0800-1000 Monday-Friday, and UTA on weekends. 0800 Friday Test is Walk Test only. A/C only testers may walk-in to any test but must have an approved medical profile.


JBER Instructional Youth Programs host Gymnastics and Cheerleading at Hangar 5. Please contact IYP for more information.



Age 16 and up can use all parts of the facility, Age 13 – 15 can use the fitness equipment and track, but require interactive supervision from a parent or guardian. Ages 6 – 12 are not allowed to use the fitness equipment. Use of the track is authorized, but requires interactive supervision from a parent or guardian at all times, and must not interfere with adult users. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed in the facility except in a stroller being pushed around the track. The stroller may not be located inside the track area at any time.

Indoor Training Equipment:

• 4-Lane 200m indoor running track
• Large free weight training area
• Selectorized weight equipment line
• Cardio Equipment
• Private body composition testing rooms
• Muscular fitness testing rooms