24-Hour Fitness Program

The 24-hour fitness access is for anyone who would like to utilize the fitness facilities outside regular staffed hours. Fitness access requires prior registration, then stop by your preferred fitness facility with your CAC to get started! If you do not have a CAC, you will receive a Fitness Access Card instead.


Anyone who would like Fitness Access, must complete all steps and return to their preferred Fitness Center with their CAC to have it activated. If you do not have a CAC, please go in-person to your preferred Fitness Center and receive your Fitness Access Card to complete registration.

After online registration, card activation is dependent on registration information being recived by the facility, which may take up to 2 days. Same day registration is not guaranteed. If at any point a member’s CAC is lost and replaced, the new CAC must be brought to your preferred Fitness Center in order to be activated in the system. All fitness centers have 24/7 surveillance. Failure to abide by policies and procedures may result in permanent loss of Fitness Access privileges.

Fitness Access Policy Letter

To begin your Fitness Access registration, all applicants must read and review the policy letter.

Fitness Access Rules & Regulations

Principal Purpose: To provide necessary information to determine if 24/7 Fitness Access is authorized and to manage activity during unstaffed hours at the Fitness Centers and Hangar 5.

Routine Uses: Records will not be disclosed to any unauthorized personnel.

Disclosure is Voluntary: Disclosure is voluntary. If information is not provided, access to Fitness Centers and Hangar 5 during unstaffed hours will not be available.

Rules and Regulations
  • I understand that during Fitness Access the facility is unmanned, and I am responsible for the physical security of the facility and equipment, my safety, the safety of those around me, and others may be reliant on me to respond to an emergency. Staff will not be present to help or respond.
  • I understand that medical emergencies, including those resulting in serious injury or death (i.e. heart attack, severed spinal cord, stroke, life threatening dehydration, loss of consciousness from fainting, falling, tripping, or slipping resulting in brain, or spinal cord injury, and crushed limbs) are all known risks of modern fitness routines.
  • I understand that the facility is under 24-hr video surveillance, and that footage may be shared with law enforcement, command, or other necessary parties. I also understand that the Fitness Center will not share video footage with me unless law enforcement, legal, or command deems it necessary.
  • I understand that the only authorized use during Fitness Access is via successful scan-in. Unsuccessful scans indicate that the facility is closed to me, and I will engage with fitness staff to remedy the situation.
  • I will not exit the facility through any other door than the front main entrance
  • I will not allow anybody into Fitness Access unless under the guidelines prescribed by the Fitness Access terms of usage
  • Guest access is limited to 3 individuals per authorized user and must adhere to age restrictions and must be signed in by sponsor at the front desk upon entry of facility. Only unregistered authorized users of the fitness center may be brought into the facility as a guest.
  • Each Fitness Access authorized user may sponsor their guests into the facility during Fitness Access hours of operation. Sponsors must register guests in the log located at the service counter upon entry into the facility. Youth guests (0-17 years of age) must be under the sponsor’s direct supervision at all times and will comply with the areas of authorized use by age that is posted in the facility.
  • Authorized patrons will scan once for entry at the designated Fitness Access entrance.
  • Personnel in the facility during transition from staffed to Fitness Access hours may be asked to scan in to continue their workout.
  • CAC/Fitness Access card sharing is strictly prohibited and will result in loss of Fitness Access privileges.
  • I understand that if I am my unit’s Fitness Training Leader or PTL that I have to complete a separate Hangar 5 Fitness Leader specific SOU to escort members of my unit into Hangar 5 for pre-coordinated unit PT.
  • For patron safety and security, patrons must ensure the designated Fitness Access door closes securely following entry and/or exit. All other exit doors MUST remain closed unless there is an emergency.
  • Areas closed during Fitness Access hours include but may not be limited to: Saunas, Steam Rooms, Pools, Racquetball Courts (BFC), Climbing Wall (BFC), Strength and Conditioning Room (BFC), Restrooms, Offices, Service Counters, and Juice Bar. All open areas are subject to temporary closure for cleaning/maintenance.
  • I understand if I have a pre-existing medical condition, it is my responsibility to consult and be cleared by my medical provider before I exercise.
  • In the event of a weather or environmental emergency or lockdown, patrons will Shelter-in-Place in the locker rooms.
  • In the event of a power outage, all patrons will promptly gather their belongings and exit the building.
  • Violation of the rules may result in loss of privileges and are subject to the UCMJ and/or any applicable laws or regulations.
  • JBER and the FC are not responsible for any personal property brought into the facility.
  • I will follow all existing FC rules, to include making sure I put away and/or clean the equipment I use and work out in appropriate fitness attire.


24/7 Access Registration