The best way to learn about flight school is to visit us! Meet with the staff, tour our facilities, explore the aircrafts, and get answers to your questions about becoming a pilot. There is no charge for a consultation and it is the perfect time to schedule an introductory flight.


The introductory flight gives you an opportunity to experience flight training first-hand at a very modest cost. Get a feel for flight lessons, with no obligation!


The FAA has established the minimum number of flight hours needed to obtain a certificate. Under Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, the minimum is 35 hours for a private pilot certificate. However, a true average flight training time for a private pilot is around 60 hours. These flight hours can be spread over a time span of a few months to a year or more. ​


​You must be a minimum age of 17 and in short, have base access: Active Duty, Retired, Dependent, Law Enforcement, DOD Contractor, or Civil Air Patrol.

The Aero Club is a VA Certified Flight Training Center where you can receive:

  • Private through Commercial pilots license

  • Single engine seaplane training

  • Float Plane rentals for training and recreational flying

  • Aircraft rentals for training and recreational flying

  • Privately owned aircraft membership benefits

  • and more!

For more information, visit