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Army Military Personnel Section

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Air Force Reserve
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Army Military Personnel Section
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Military Personnel Flight

Military Personnel Flight (MPF) provides personnel support and services to 12,178 military personnel, 7,417 civil servants, and over 29,900 dependents and Retirees in the Arctic region. The mission of the MPF is to provide quality personnel support through the administration of personnel programs, in both peacetime and wartime, to commanders, Air Force members and their families. From ID cards to leave requests, base in-processing to assignments, reenlistments and retirements, we process everything for one’s career. Additionally, we are your source for evaluations, promotions and testing, awards and decorations, and many other special actions. The MPF is your focal point for personnel matters.

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Customer Support

DEERS Updates & ID Cards for Active Duty/National Guard/Reserve

The ID Card section is accepting appointments and walk-ins for all services.


  • 8–11 AM: Walk-ins
  • 12–3 PM: Appointment Only

We cannot guarantee same day appointments/service due to the availability of our DEERS systems and the level of priority of our customers.

Closing times listed do not always reflect customers will be accepted up to that time. It may be necessary to cease taking customers earlier in order to prioritize customers already waiting in our lobby by the end of the business day.



Initial issue for dependent ID cards is age 10. If child is under this age with a current ID, the ID may be renewed. Dependents should receive a new ID when the sponsor’s status has changed (i.e.: AD/ANG/AFRES, retirement, Commissioning…etc.). 


  • Download the Pre-Arrival Checklist.
  • Members must also bring 2 forms of valid/unexpired identification.
  • For a full list of acceptable documents click here.
  • If your dependent’s ID card is going to expire, the following options exist for reissuance: sponsor must be present, a signed DD Form 1172 by sponsor and customer service representative or a valid special power of attorney, expired military ID and second form of ID. 
New Dependent Online Renewal Pilot

DMDC is piloting a new service to allow CAC holders to request dependent ID card by mail without visiting an ID card office.  The eligible card recipients will have the ability to request renewal of their USID card online, via ID Card Office Online (IDCO) and have the new card mailed directly to them. After approving online requests from eligible card recipients, DMDC will produce the USID card and mail it to the card recipient.  Please download the Online Renewal Trifold to check eligibility criteria and the online process. 


See our Self Service Guide (PDF) for step-by-step instructions on obtaining a new ID without your sponsor present (Form 1172 and two forms of ID required.)

Adding Spouse to DEERS

As soon as the sponsor’s marital status has changed, they are required to bring in their spouse to be added to DEERS to start receiving benefits.

The following documents are required:

  • Certified or original marriage certificate
  • Spouse’s original birth certificate
  • Valid federal or state photo id (i.e. drivers license, state ID or valid passport)
  • Social security card
Adding Newborn to DEERS

Within 60 days of birth, sponsor will need to bring:

  • Hospital proof of birth or birth certificate
  • Social security card (if applicable)

For an unmarried male sponsor’s child to be added in DEERS, the following documents is needed:

  • Acknowledge of paternity or court document providing paternity (this must be from the state where the child is born)
  • Original birth certificate
  • Social security card
TRICARE for College Students

To extend TRICARE/DEERS benefits beyond your child’s 21st birthday, the following documents are required:

  • Letter from the College Registrar stating Name of Student
  • Estimated graduation date, and that the student is Full Time
  • Two valid State/Federal forms of ID (one being a photo ID)
  • Sponsor must be present or a Special Power of Attorney must be provided

Sponsor’s (and their dependents) turning age 65, may need MEDICARE updated if the feed from SSA fails. When MEDICARE information is updated in DEERS, TRICARE will accept the claims regardless of the expiration date on the card.

TRICARE coverage will remain intact as it is not associated with ID card expiration dates. 


  • Download the Pre-Arrival Checklist.
  • Members must also bring 2 forms of valid/unexpired identification.
  • To view a full list of acceptable document, click here.
100% Disabled American Veteran

Members must bring:

  • Two forms of valid/unexpired IDs
  • DD Form 214
  • Letter from the VA stating that they are 100% disabled, with the effective date and if they are temporary or permanently disabled.


  • Download the Pre-Arrival Checklist.
  • Members must also bring 2 forms of valid/unexpired identification.
  • To view a full list of acceptable document, click here.
Civilian New Hires/Contractors

New hires must have their profile created in TASS by the contract POC.

If the profile is not created at the time of arrival, then they will not be able to receive their Common Access Card (CAC).

If you are a contract POC and are scheduling a group block of new hires, please email our org box at

Career Development


Personnel can contact the Passport Agent through the MPF Portal.

  • Special Issuance Passports are only authorized for members going on official travel (PCS, TDY, Deployments) to locations that require them in accordance with the Foreign Clearance Guide. We do NOT issue tourist passports.
  • Initiate no-fee passport application via by submitting an MPF Portal Ticket Explain your situation in full detail
  • Appointments Only
  • Canadian entry requirements for those driving to the lower 46 when they PCS:
    • Service members: Common Access Card (CAC), PCS Orders, and NATO Orders.
    • Dependents under 16 years old must be listed on PCS orders and may use either any type of US passport or their original US birth certificate/consular report of birth abroad.
    • Dependents who are 16 years of age or older must be listed on PCS orders and have either a regular (blue tourist) passport or a No-Fee Regular (blue) passport. 
Outbound Assignments

Please coordinate all inquiries/document turn ins to your assignment Counselor via MPF Portal.

You must depart in your DEROS month and you must have required retainability to be able to out process.

Final-Out Procedures

Any items missing from the list below or an incomplete vOP checklist will result in being turned away, until all actions are completed, and you will have to return during the next out processing briefing.


Final Out-Processing Appointments are completed in person. Please read through final out appointment email thoroughly to ensure all requirements are completed before arriving at your appointment. We will provide your final out package after your appointment. You must depart JBER within your DEROS month. Per AFI 36-2102 paragraph 1.7.1 members are not authorized to out-process earlier than 1 duty day (2 duty days in the overseas area) prior to their actual departure date or date official leave and travel begins.

You must be in uniform to out-process. You must final out with Outbound Assignments prior to departing JBER.

If you have any questions or concerns related to outbound assignments please submit an inquiry to the MPF Portal.

The following items are REQUIRED to be printed out for CONUS & OCONUS:

  • 2 copies of your PCS orders and any amendments that were issued
  • 2 copies of your Fitness Assessment Scores print out – Your PT status must reflect “CURRENT” through your RNLTD
  • 2 copies of all PPC Requirements – If you have no PPCs, then you have no PPC requirements. If you do not know what your PPC requirements are, please contact an assignment counselor before arriving to you final out appointment. Regardless, you will be signed off for PPCs on your checklist at your final-out appointment.
  • 1 copy of your Flight Itinerary, Ferry Reservation, or Driving Memorandum 
  • 1 copy of APACS Approval (if driving through Canada) – Review the FCG and apply for country clearance via Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS)
  • 1 copy of completed vMPF checklist – All items on the checklist need to be marked complete with a green check mark or wet signature/stamp from that agency. If an item is not marked complete, please call that agency to ensure you are cleared prior to arriving at your final out. We cannot out-process you if there are any items not marked complete. No exceptions. PLEASE NOTE: All items labeled “ASSIGNMENTS/PASSPORTS” will be signed at your final out appointment.
  • Dental Records (PRP only)



  • 2 copies Security Clearance Memo (signed off by Security Manager) 
  • 2 copies Medical Clearance Memo (signed off by Flight Med)
  • 2 copies Dental Clearance Memo (signed off by Dental Clinic)
  • 2 copies Immunization Clearance Memo (signed off by Immunization Clinic)
  • 2 copies Force Protection CBT (Active-Duty member/found on MyLearning)
  • 2 copies Anti-Terrorism CBT (Active-Duty member/dependents age 14 and older accompanying you on PCS/found on JKO)
  • 2 copies AF Form 965: Overseas Tour Election Statement
Enlisted and Officer Promotions

Technical School Graduates – This only applies to Airmen that were guaranteed A1C after completion of technical school on their six year enlistment contract. For our office to update your rank to A1C with the proper effective date, you will need to submit an inquiry through the MPF Portal to the Promotions office with the following documents:

  • Copy of your Basic Military Training (BMT) certificate
  • Technical school certificate
  • AF Form 3007, Guaranteed Training Enlistment Agreement Non-Prior Service, USAF
  • AF Form 3008, Supplement to Enlistment Agreement, USAF
  • Please note if it is after 45 days after the member has graduated tech school, the member will need a promotion Recommendation MFR required signed by their Commander.

If you have any questions or concerns related to enlisted or officer promotions please submit an inquiry through the MPF Portal.

Reenlistments & Extensions

If you are in your window to reenlist, please contact the 673 FSS Reenlistment and Extensions via the MPF Portal. For any questions, please coordinate with your CSS or MPF (If you do not have a servicing CSS). 



It is our recommendation that you start either process NLT 90 days from your date of separation (DOS). Starting the process within a 30 day window of your DOS can be problematic and lead to pay issues.

Retirements & Separations
  • If you are separating,  please ensure you apply for separation through myFSS under “Active Duty Enlisted Separations Homepage” or “Active Duty Officer Separations Homepage”. For regular separations, select “Initiating DOS Separation.” You will then be prompted to complete your Pre-Separation Order Worksheet and your DD 214 Worksheet. Once you are approved for separations from AFPC or MyFSS you will then be able to fill out the worksheet. The Pre-Separation Order Worksheet is REQUIRED in order for AFPC to process your orders. For any questions regarding your orders, please refer to the Total Force Service Center at DSN 312-665-0102.
  • If you are Retiring, please ensure you apply for retirement through myFSS under ‘General Retirement Information’, then click ‘Create a Request’ at the bottom of the page. The Retirement Eligibility module will then request data from MilPDS and sync the information. Follow the prompts and fill out the retirement application.
  • After you are notified of your approved separation or retirement, please submit an inquiry through the MPF Portal so that our office can load your Virtual Out-Processing (vOP) checklist, and schedule you for a final out appointment and provide you with the appropriate booklet. Also in your inquiry, please include any projected leave dates with a copy of your approved leave request.
  • **All documents are required to be hand carried to your Retirements and Separations final out. Any items missing from the booklet or not completed on the vOP checklist will result in being turned away until all actions are completed.**
  • Final-Out Appointment Requirements:
    • Retirement/Separation Booklet: All documents outlined in the booklet MUST be signed and completed in order to complete your final out.
    • Completed vOP Checklist: The vOP must be checked off by ALL AGENCIES. There are no exceptions. “Wet” signatures are only acceptable when vMPF is down. Verify ALL agencies signed off 1 duty day prior to final-out appointment. You must reach out to each office listed to inquire about their protocol during this time.
  • If you have any questions or concerns related to retirements or separations, please submit an inquiry through the MPF Portal.


Force Management

The Force Management Section is responsible for Awards and Decorations, Duty Information Updates, Classifications, Evaluations, G-Series Orders, SDAP, and Adverse Actions. All inquiries should be submitted to the MPF Portal.

Installation Personnel Readiness

For any deployment concerns, please submit all inquiries to the MPF Portal.

Personnel Systems Office (PSM)

For any personnel system access requests, please submit all inquiries to the MPS Portal.