Our Instructional Youth Programs are designed for eligible dependents from infant to 18 years old. Our programs strive to facilitate competence in physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. We offer a wide variety of instructional classes including:

• Tap Dance/Ballet

Tap Dance/Ballet classes are an exciting way to get youth learning dance skills as well as provide the opportunity for the youth to show off what they have learned quarterly at our Showcase Event.

• Gymnastics

Gymnastics Classes are a fun and challenging way to get your youth age 18 months to 12 years old moving, promote flexibility and learn new motor skills that develop positive and healthy lifestyles.

• Start Smart Sports

Start Smart is a fun way to get youth age 3 & 4 involved in learning sports skills in a fun safe environment with the participation of parents before they enter the Youth Sports Program.

All classes are first come, first serve, and some activities may be seasonal. Pre-registration is required and priorities may be given to returning students.


Our instructors have experience teaching and various qualifications for the class they teach. All instructors receive annual training and meet all Air Force requirements.


Registration can be done at 2Rivers Youth Center. Fees vary depending on the session and level. There may also be additional cost for materials, uniforms, and equipment.


Our program recitals are hugely popular events which showcase all that our participants have learned. They provide the opportunity for our youth and instructors to share with our community. Some recitals may incur additional fees above the cost of session. (costumes, props, etc..)


We are always looking for new and exciting programs to bring to our youth. If you have a hobby or talent you would like to share please contact the 2Rivers Youth Center at 384-1508.