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What is UNITE?
Establish unit POC
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What is UNITE?

The Unite Program empowers unit commanders to plan recreational and cohesive activities to strengthen the squadron.  Unite provides Commanders with funding for programs that will benefit Airmen in their unit. This includes assigned Active Duty, and APF/NAF Civilians.

Unit Commanders (CC) and Civilian Leaders (CL) roles and responsibilities

  • Ensure funds are expensed following established guidelines; AFIs, CONOPs, and R4R Guide.

  • To the maximum extent, use FSS programs and facilities to achieve desired effects through costsavings, geographic proximity to meet their needs and flexibility to military missions.

  • Designate in writing the squadron POC(s) to perform Unite duties on CCs behalf.

Establish your unit POC

  • Brainstorm and plan your squadron event.
  • Complete and route all necessary forms.

  • Build excitement for event within squadron.

  • Ensure budget limits are maintained at all times.

  • Submit feedback following event.

POC appointment letter

Plan your event

Unite events focus on units rather than individuals with an emphasis on team building. Events are open to all Airmen: active duty, APF, NAF, and assigned reserve units. It is up to your unit to determine what type of event will most benefit your squadron. Can be conducted on or off the installation.

  • Activity allowance: $15.50/per person.
  • Meal allowance: $5/per person
Event proposal form
after action report

Unite Events

Custom Events

On or off base event conceived by the unit.
Lead time: 1 week minimum

Ready-to-Execute Events

Ready made on-base events at FSS Facilities.
Find a complete list HERE