Discover the Benefits of Being a JBER Life! Member

Membership savings begin!

Are you looking for ways to save on your favorite activities? We’ve got great news for you! Starting June 1, 2023, Outdoor Recreation Activities Arctic Oasis, Arts & Crafts, Auto Hobby, Polar bowl, PermaFrost, Golf, and ITT introduces JBER Life! Membership, which means significant discounts on various activities and events. But what exactly is a JBER Life! Membership, and how can you benefit from it? Let’s take a closer look.

JBER Life! Membership offers fantastic benefits to members, including member pricing, early/preseason access to most events, member-only events, advance bookings, and reservation discounts. For example, suppose you want to take an Arts & Crafts Alcohol Inks class next month. In that case, as a non-member, you would pay $50 per class; however, suppose you become a member and pay a monthly fee. In that case, you would only pay $40 per class, which is a $10 difference! Becoming a member means that you can save significant amounts that can add up over time! Besides the discounts, there are various other benefits that members receive, making the membership worth it.

One of the benefits of JBER Life! Membership is the early/preseason access to most events, which is ideal for those who want first access to high-demand events. Moreover, member-only events offer perks and specials that non-members cannot obtain, so you’ll get extra advantages by joining. Additionally, members have advanced bookings, making sure they always have first dibs on the most popular activities or events.

The JBER Life! Membership pricing is based on your level of employment or retirement status. E1-E4 ranks pay $4 per month, E5-E9, GS8 & Below, and NAF 1-3 employees pay $8 per month. Officer, GS9 & Above, and NAF 4 staff pay $16 per month. Retired Enlisted pays $8 per month, and retired officers pay $16 per month. Moreover, JBER Life! membership is a monthly-based subscription service that you can opt-out from any time if you no longer want to enjoy the exclusive benefits.

To register for a JBER Life! Membership, you should visit the website and follow the simple steps to create an account and become a member. The website streamlines the registration process, making it convenient to apply for the JBER Life! membership. Upon subscription, you’ll automatically access exclusive membership benefits for every activity and event.