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Any eligible child can register and be assigned to a team, regardless of athletic ability. Our philosophy upholds the old adage, “It is better to play on a losing team, than sit on the bench of a winning team.”


All volunteer coaches receive a national certification through the National Youth Sports Coaches Association. Background checks are conducted on all volunteers.


All children are required to have a physical exam and a current immunizations record on file to include the annual flu shot.  A physical exam must be completed within one year of the start of the season in order to be accepted. All required documentation for Child and Youth Services must also be completed as well as an active youth membership.


Playing rules, equipment, and playing fields/areas are scaled to maximize safety and performance. The Youth Sports director, all coaches, and all umpires are responsible for ensuring the safety of equipment and playing fields prior to each game and practice. All coaches must complete CPR and First Aid training. Players will only wear protective equipment issued by the Youth Center. Equipment bought by individual players is not authorized unless inspected and approved by the Youth Sports Director.

JBER Youth Sports provides recreational leagues for children ages 5 – 18 to include:

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Cheerleading

  • Indoor Soccer

  • Outdoor Soccer

  • Softball

  • Volleyball

Each sport supports youth development enhancing the emotional, physical, social and educational well-being of each participating youth. We provide a fun-filled experience with positive role models that serve as coaches, assistant coaches and team parents.

“I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Paul and Cody for their work during the outdoor soccer season.  You never catch either of them without a smile on their face.  They are always willing to talk and are fair in decision making.  They spend such a large part of their days ensuring the soccer fields are ready to play on, safe and talking to parents/coaches to ensure games are played correctly, well and they are fun. “

“We are sorely going to miss this Youth Sports Program when we PCS this winter.  This is a solid sports program and JBER should be proud to have them as staff and the program running so smoothly for families on base.”

“I just wanted to say how wonderful Paul and Cody are at Youth Sports. They work so hard to make sure the kids have fun while playing. They are always professional and handle all situations quickly. They both do amazing things for the youth here at JBER and I just wanted someone to know how appreciated they are.”