Meet the Heroes of the Squad

The Red Bull

Super powers: Energizes particles in the air to daze enemies. Speeds up time to outwit attackers. 

Tator Tot

Super powers: Destroys enemies with her powerful potato-tot gun. Can also communicate with cats and has night vision. 

Captain Flame

Super powers: Can heat her body to extreme temperatures. Evaporates enemies with sweltering heat waves. 

Arctic Fox 

Super powers:  Sly and witty. Has ability to hypnotize you with her charm. 

The Griller

Super powers: Can eat an infinite number of grilled cheese. Attacks enemies with a spicy tomato basil bisque. 

Cherrie Bomb

Super powers: Quick and powerful without limits. Uses earthquakes to fend off enemies. 

The Sneaker 

Super powers: Incredibly stealthy and ulta fast. Can move through objects in her path. 


Super powers: Sweetly lures her enemies with an infectious giggle that causes them to giggle until they’re weakened. 

Jay Bear

Super powers: Brings warmth and happiness to all! Weakens enemies with his infamous “bear hugs”.