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You can park your vehicle for only $2 per day. All fees are non-refundable and the owner’s responsibility. All fees must be pre-paid.


Must have a visible for sale sign in window with valid contact information. You may also provide additional information about the item you are trying to sell.


Please place a visible sign in the window that clearly states the vehicle is not for sale.


Vehicles must be privately owned. No commercial vehicles are allowed on the lot. The back two rows are for large RV’s and other oversize vehicles. Failure to pay may result in your vehicle being towed, impounded, or sold at auction.

The For Sale Lot is a resale parking lot filled with:

  • Cars

  • Trucks

  • Recreational Vehicles

  • Trailers

  • ATVs

  • Boats

  • and more!

The For Sale Lot is run by the Automotive Skills Center.

sale lot 2017

“This was the perfect place to store my car for the weekend!”

“I love knowing that I can buy a vehicle off of other military members, it makes the buying experience much less stressful”

“The process of leaving my vehicle in the lot to sell was painless! The lot is very big and has plenty of room for everything I wanted to get rid of before PCSing back to the lower 48”