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We have a variety of equipment rentals year-round for a nominal fee. Click here to see more.



You can obtain your Alaska State hunting and/or fishing licenses from us for the same price as you will find outside the gates!


Recreation permits are required to recreate in undeveloped portions of JBER. Hunting/fishing anywhere on JBER requires an iSportsman recreational permit and state-issued hunting/fishing license, even when conducted at an FSS facility/event or military sponsored event. Recreating on the road system outside the cantonment areas also requires an iSportsman pass. Please click here for more information.


Larger boats and recreational vehicles can be found at ORC-R, located in Bldg. 794 Davis Highway, JBER-R. This facility is open for pickup and drop off only, for Summer equipment, once reservation is made at Bldg. 7301.

The Outdoor Recreation Center is the hub for “almost” everything you would like to do outdoors here in Alaska. Our goal is to provide you with a wide range of activities:

“Rented out a boat for the weekend. John helped us with a boat. He was very friendly and informative considering he was the only person working there. He seemed busy but answered all our questions patiently. We had a BLAST!!! Thank you!”

“During the Summer my family and I had our very 1st fishing trip together and the staff at the MWR helped us a lot. We were given the boat and also what type of fishing poles to rent out. We had so much fun that we would recommend it to others and will again rent a boat out for next years fishing trips.”

“Thanks for all you offer to JBER. We love using your services. Keep up the good work!”