Employment Catagories

There are two types of employment catagories for NAF positions, Regular and Flexible.
Flexible category employees: Work schedules that depend on the need of the activity. These employees may work anywhere from 0-40 hours per week.
Regular category employees: Have regular work schedules between 20 and 40 hours per week depending on the position.

NAF Activities

You can find a variety of jobs in the following categories: Accounting, Aero Club, Arts and Crafts, Auto Skills Center, Child Development Centers, Community Centers, Family Child Care, Fitness Centers, Human Resources, Information, Tickets and Travel (ITT), Lodging, Logistics, School Age and Youth Programs, Moose Run Golf Course, Marketing and Publicity, Outdoor Recreation, Polar Bowl, Perma Frost Pub, and Youth Sports.


Benefits available to regular category employees include: health, life, and dental insurance, retirement plan, 401 (K) savings plan, annual sick leave, and holiday pay.
Benefits available to all employees include: awards, overtime pay, worker’s compensation, unemployment compensation, and shift differential.

The Human Resources Office (HRO) is designated to administer the NAF personnel program. Interested applicants must apply online: If you have any questions about NAF employment, feel free to call the NAF HRO.

How to Apply
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