The Iditarod Dining Facility is open to all DoD Card holders, Dependents, and Contractors.
The Iditarod has a rotating menu. For an updated menu please visit

Dining Options

Campus style dining with 6 platform zones to select from, including:

  • Main Line Zone(entrees, starches, and veggies)
  • Snack Line Zone(grilled entrees, i.e. hamburgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, fries, etc.)
  • Deli Zone(six types of sandwiches made)
  • Grab and Go Zone(two/three specialty sandwiches, assorted yogurt parfaits, fruit cups, vegetable cups, soy milk, white milk, chocolate milk, and bottled water)
  • Restaurant Rotation(theme meals and new menu implementation every three months)
  • Mediterranean Zone(three specialty pizzas, and calzones made daily)

The Iditarod Dining Facility also has a Salad Bar, that offers over 23 vegetables to select from. In an effort to improve healthy eating habits, the Iditarod is participating in the “Go For Green” nutrition education program to help simplify healthy food choices. All food choices are color coded on the Menu Cards, behind the serving counters, and the serving utensils, at the salad bar.

Flight Kitchen

Located within the Iditarod, the Flight Kitchen provides flight meals to aircrew and passengers (including retiree and dependents) departing JBER on military aircraft. Ground support box meals are also available for enlisted personnel unable to eat at the dining halls due to work schedule. The Flight Kitchen is open for box lunch meals 24/7. Civilians on TDY or participating in exercises contact the Food Program Office in regards to flight box meals.