Fitness Access

Register for Fitness Access here once you have read the Policy Letter and watched the Mandatory Training Video below.


Fitness Access is available at Buckner & Elmendorf Fitness Centers and Hangar 5

Anyone who would like Fitness Access, must complete all three steps and return to their preferred Fitness Center with their CAC to have it activated. If you do not have a CAC, please go in-person to your preferred Fitness Center and receive your Fitness Access Card to complete registration. After online registration, process can take 1 – 2 business days. Same day registration and activation can not be done. If at any point a member’s CAC is lost and replaced, the new CAC must be brought to your preferred Fitness Center in order to be activated in the system. Fitness Access if for individual use only, no guests allowed. All fitness centers have 24/7 surveillance. Failure to abide by policies and procedures may result in permanent loss of Fitness Access.

01. Review Policy Letter

Read and review the policy letter.

read Policy Letter

02. Watch Training Video

Watching the Training Video is mandatory prior to registration.

Watch Training Video

03. Register

Registration is available for Buckner & Elmendorf Fitness Centers as well as Hangar 5.

Register here

Buckner Fitness Center

Hangar 5 

Elmendorf Fitness Center


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