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We have Mechanics, Auto Workers, and Tools & Parts Attendants, who are available to assist you with your repair needs.


Bay fees include a tray of Snap-on and specialty tools to use while inside the shop.


Drop your vehicle off within 30 minutes of closing, pay the overnight fee, and you will be guaranteed a bay in the morning!


We accept used oil. Please drop off at the Auto Shop tool counter during regular business hours. Please do not drop off outside.


The Auto Skills Center offers a full array of equipment, tools and work space for do-it-yourself maintenance and repair to personal vehicles.

  • 7 Lift Bays

  • 8 Flat Bays

  • Welding Bay

  • Hot Tank

  • Median Blasting Cabinet

  • Valve Jobs STD & O/S

  • and more!

No tobacco, shorts, loose clothing, loose jewelry or open-toed shoes. No children under the ages of 14 are allowed in the shop.

“Kevin, Bob and Adam were extremely helpful and went above and beyond for me.”

“…I noticed a grinding noise suddenly coming from the rear of the car. I didn’t have a chance to look at it until after I got off work, but once I got into the shop, Adam helped me quickly diagnose the problem, and helped me find a local parts store that had the part. He then went above and beyond by working to remove the old part while I ran to pick up the new part. His effort enabled me to get my car back on the road that evening instead of having to leave it over night due to time constraints…His attitude and knowledge made a stressful situation turn into one of relief.”

“Being somewhat mechanically inclined, I decided to tackle a pretty big job of changing a clutch. Going into it, I’ve never changed a clutch, but between YouTube and the manual I figured I was all set. Well, I ran into a few areas where I needed help and each step of the way all the guys at the auto skills center were more than happy to help. Not once did they make me feel like I shouldn’t be there tackling a big job or make me feel foolish for asking so many questions, but instead gave pointers and provided help when I needed. With the shop’s help and expertise I managed to get the clutched changed in 9 hours, just before clean-up started for the day!”