Video Teleconferencing Services 

Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) are here to listen now more than ever. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MFLCs can now offer video teleconferencing services to help Service Members, spouses and children address:

»             Challenges with physical distancing

»             Deployment and reintegration issues

»             Marriage and relationship issues

»             Parenting and family issues

»             Communication challenges

»             Stress and anxiety

»             Sadness, grief and loss

»             Daily life issues

Consultations and trainings are free and anonymous.* No records are kept.

The MFLC Program is intended for all Services, Guard and Reserve components.

Individual, family and group consultations are available and unit trainings can be arranged.

Scheduling an appointment is easy, just call your MFLC at (907) 201-0107 | 201-9914 | 201-9918 | 201-2204 | 205-0799 | 313-9209

* Exceptions to confidentiality include duty-to-warn cases, such as child abuse/neglect, domestic violence, harm to self or others or present/future illegal activity.